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A golden gate to the dialogue

between Religion and Science

The proverb “many roads to Rome” should be considered in magnum project of creating dialogue and peace between religion, culture and world civilization. Up to now, social-politics approach has been employed to analyze this project and tends to blur its authenticity of meaning as well as minimize its progressive dynamics.

The mode of discourse on the relation between religion and science can be built in the framework of civilization agenda. Scientific world offers some problem and challenges wake many religious scholars to carry a shared duty, as coined by Huston Smith as from “ a scientism-materialism dark tunnel” to the revival of “the light of hope and the spirit of Humanity” for the sake of undergoing human wisdom and civilization.

Nowadays, more and more scientists, scholars and thinkers have noted the natural relationship between materialistic-positivistic worldview and the chaos in our world. Morris Berman (The Re-Enchantment of The World) wrote that the dichotomy mechanistic world view leads modern men to be alienated, “self-assertive” which is at the same time suffering of lack of sense of other and sense of relation among homo sapiens, even in the interaction with other members of ecosystem.

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