About Aviciena Center for Religions and Sciences Studies (ACRoSS) Indonesia


A golden gate to the dialogue between Religion and Science

The proverb “many roads to Rome” should be considered in magnum project of creating dialogue and peace between religion, culture and world civilization. Up to now, social-politics approach has been employed to analyze this project and tends to blur its authenticity of meaning as well as minimize its progressive dynamics.

The mode of discourse on the relation between religion and science can be built in the framework of civilization agenda. Scientific world offers some problem and challenges wake many religious scholars to carry a shared duty, as coined by Huston Smith as from “ a scientism-materialism dark tunnel” to the revival of “the light of hope and the spirit of Humanity” for the sake of undergoing human wisdom and civilization.

Nowadays, more and more scientists, scholars and thinkers have noted the natural relationship between materialistic-positivistic worldview and the chaos in our world. Morris Berman (The Re-Enchantment of The World) wrote that the dichotomy mechanistic world view leads modern men to be alienated, “self-assertive” which is at the same time suffering of lack of sense of other and sense of relation among homo sapiens, even in the interaction with other members of ecosystem.

The fire of struggle and hatred, which color our world today, is fully related with the vanishing light of hope and the pure spirit toward consciousness and sub-consciousness of the world actors. If the physicist, Steven Weinberg said, “The universe is cold, dumb, and meaningless”; whereas a man like Bush on the political stage said,” No hope for us unless by war and war…. Osama stated, “The only way to show our existence is by defeating our enemy.” Doesn’t a scientism-anthropocentrism point of view have the same political outlook? Don’t they share the same binary-logic?

Based on those basic thoughts and illustrations, Avicenna Center for Religion and Science Studies (ACRoSS) – ICAS Jakarta is established. And we initiated to perform its establishment within an International Seminar- a dialogue between Religion and Science. Here, the participants and the community are imposed by the idea on the future of dialogue between Religion and Science. To signify that this issue does not only concern Muslim scholars but also become interfaith and inter-disciplines one, the tremendous topics are carried out by significant keynote speakers representing various parties in religion-science dialogue (Dr. William Grassie, the Director of METANEXUS Institute, DR. Hamid Parsania, The Rector of Baghir Ulum College, Qum,Dr. Sayyid Mohsen Mirri, the Rector of ICAS Jakarta and Dr. Budi Hardiman, The lecturer of Philosophy at Driyarkara Institute). We hope that the seminar will be the starting point for the continuation of ACRoss dynamics as ICAS students center as well as the future leading institute in proposing religion-science integration.


  1. The evolution of human thought has progressed into scientific convergence (natural science, social science, cultural science) including Theology (religion) and Philosophy
  2. We are now walking on “ re-enchantment tunnel”; walking out from scientism arrogance to scientific humbleness.
  3. We are now on the critical pole of the development of Science: between “the death of Science” and “the Revival of New Science”
  4. Now, we are playing “drama of existence” with reality, which is not so simple as perceived modern science. The way we exist as subject, the way we formulate questions constitutes the answers the nature gives. Heisenberg says; “what we observe is not the nature/reality in itself but the reality grasped/perceived by the methods in questioning.” (Physics and Philosophy, p. 58)
  5. It is scientific and historical necessity for religions to take role in encountering problems and challenges offered and thrown by science, either on the practical level (ethics, law) or on the theoretical level (epistemology, cosmology and metaphysic)
  6. The discourse on the relation between religion and science will be a “golden gate” for visional, meaningful dialogue between religion and science.


  1. Developing inter-disciplines as well as trans-disciplines studies and researches
  2. Developing studies and researches various forms of relation between science and religion.
  3. Bridging intensive dialogue between scientific and religious areas
  4. Developing extended horizons and frameworks to accommodate the demand of natural science, social science/human science and religion convergence
  5. elaborating


Experts Council :

Dr. Haidar Bagir, MA

Prof. Dr. Mulyadhi Kartanegara, MA

Prof. Dr. Osman Bakar, MA

Seyyed Mohsen Tabatabaei Yazdi, Ph.D

Dr. zaenal Abidin Bagir, MA

Nirwan Arsuka, M. Hum

Bagus Takwim, M.Psi

Chairman : Ir. Husain Heriyanto, MA, M.Hum

Deputy Director: Zubaedah Yusuf, S.Pd

Program Manager : Aan Rukmana, S.Fils.

Secretary Manager : Istasadya, S.S.

Financial Affair: Humaidi Surat, S.Th.I

Public Relation & Publication Dept : Ahmad Y. Samantho, S.IP

Researchers :

1. Aan Rukmana, S, Fils.

2. Ahmad Y. Samantho, S.IP

3. Istasadya, S.S.

4. Humaidi Surat, S.Th

5. Wahyu Fajar Nugroho, S.Pd

6. Erny Sri Mulyani, S.Th.I

7. Muhammad Basyrir Hamdani, S.Th

8. Muhammad Abdullah Daraz, S.Th

9. Eko Prasetyo Dharmawan, S.P

10. Hadi Kadarisman, S.Fils.I

11. Zubaedah Yusuf, S.Pd.


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  1. Assalam,

    Dear Mr. Syamsul,

    Penulisan nama-nama para researchers di atas banyak yang salah contohnya:

    1. Istasadya seharusnya Istasadhya
    2. Wahyu Fajar Nugroho seharusnya Wahyu Fajar Nugraha
    3. Erny Sri Mulyani seharusnya Erni Sri Mulyati
    4. Muhammad Basyrir Hamdani seharusnya Basrir Hamdani
    5. M.A. Daraz seharusnya M.A. Darraz
    6. Hadi Kadarisman seharusnya Hadi Kharisman
    7. Zubaedah Yusuf seharusnya Zubaidah Yusuf
    8. dan nama Dr. Zaenal Abidin Bagir ditulis dengan huruf kecil zaenal bukannya Zaenal

    Demikian sekedar intermezzo dari saya.



  2. aku turut senang dengan munculnya Aviciena Center for Religions and Sciences Studies (ACRoSS) Indonesia. Experts Council, dan deret nama selanjutnya menandakan dunia ide lembaga ini.


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